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Service, it's what matters most when your heating, air conditioning, electrical system or roofing needs repair. But not just any service - you want timely, knowledgeable and reliable service. It would be even better if that service came with a pledge to make you happy. That's exactly what you'll get from the SonRay Service Team, a reliable, timely and knowledgeable team of service professionals who believe that your happiness is job one. From Davis to Roseville, from Elk Grove to Natomas, we believe in taking service to the next level. 
We pledge to make you happy.

 4161 Citrus Avenue
Rocklin, CA 95677
CCL #922628

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Our pledge is to make you happy. Why? Because great customer service makes everyone happy. We don't mean just good customer service we're talking great customer service; our definition means always listening to make sure that we are actually solving your problem. Plus, we don't consider the job complete until and unless we have answered all of your questions.


Honesty and Trust are built-in attributes of every member on the Sonray Service Team. You'll find that your technician, customer success representative, and even the owners of the company are all about service not selling. "Happy Delivered" is our core principle and what drives everyone within the company. We strive to practice these principles every day so that when a member of the Sonray Service Team arrives at your home, you know that the job will be done correctly — and you'll be happy.

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